Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office - About us

The Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office provide high level advice and leadership on nursing and midwifery professional, workforce and policy matters across WA Health.

Led by The Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer, the Office sets the strategic direction of the nursing and midwifery professions in WA Health. This is achieved through engagement, partnership and collaboration with nurses and midwives working in private and public sectors, healthcare-related industries, education providers, as well as consumers and other key stakeholders.

As part of the Clinical Excellence Division, the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office’s activities align with the division’s strategic priorities of clinical leadership, use of data and evidence (to improve patient outcomes), research innovation, building the clinical workforce and strengthening a patient focus.

See details of the current Nursing Hours per Patient Day model and its guiding principles

Key responsibilities

The CNMO functions within the framework of the Department of Health as system manager for the nursing and midwifery workforce. The DOH supports the Director General to perform all the legislative functions under the Health Services Act 2016. It is our responsibility to provide high quality advice to the Director General and Minister for Health regarding all aspects of the nursing and midwifery workforce.

A key priority for the CNMO is creating capability and capacity in our professions to meet the evolving needs of the WA community.

Our strategic direction

Developed in 2018, the WA Health Nursing and Midwifery Strategic Priorities 2018-2022 (PDF 236KB) have guided the strategic direction of the nursing and midwifery professions in Western Australia. The Chief Nursing Midwifery Office and the WA Health Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Council are responsible for monitoring and reporting upon progress of these priorities.

To ensure that these priorities remain positioned to direct contemporary and future focused nursing and midwifery strategic direction, it is timely that they are reviewed, and align with the Sustainable Health Review and overarching national and international healthcare policy.

Considerable consultation has been undertaken with the nursing and midwifery workforce, and senior leaders within the WA public healthcare sector. Collation of feedback received is currently underway, which will further inform the development of the strategic priorities for the next five years.

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