New Independent Researcher Infrastructure Support Awards


New Independent Researcher Infrastructure Support (NIRIS) Awards recognise outstanding new independent health and medical researchers in Western Australia (WA) and provide funding to help them meet the infrastructure costs associated with their research programs. This supports them in their research activities in WA and assists them to develop their independent research careers.

This initiative was developed in response to an identified need to support outstanding WA researchers who do not meet the eligibility criteria for the Medical and Health Research Infrastructure Fund (MHRIF) grants program because they are newer to their field.

Recipients have used the funding for research infrastructure costs such as laboratory equipment, computers, animal facilities, support staff and common services.

From 2001 to 2018, a total of $1,535,000 has been allocated to 134 WA-based health and medical researchers.

Funding round status - closed

The New Independent Researcher Infrastructure Support (NIRIS) Awards are not currently open for applications.

TheNIRIS Award 2018 Guidelines and Conditions (PDF 180KB) and NIRIS Award 2018 Application Form (Word 300KB) may be accessed as reference documents.

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