Multicultural health services directory

The Multicultural health services directory (MHSD) is a compilation of programs and services offered by the Western Australian health system and the community services sector that directly address or are inclusive of health needs of Western Australians of culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds.

The Directory is primarily for staff members from the WA health system and other agencies to use as a reference when providing support to people of CaLD backgrounds.

The information contained in this Directory includes

  • the name and provider of the program/service,
  • a brief description of the program/service,
  • the location of the program/service, and
  • links to websites and relevant multicultural resources related to the program/service.

Note: In navigating through the MHSD, hover your cursor to the far right of the agency or topic name then click – the brief description, location map and resources links will then be populated on the page.

The MHSD is curated and managed within the Cultural Diversity Unit, Chronic Disease Prevention Directorate, Public and Aboriginal Health Division, WA Department of Health.

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Last reviewed: 15-08-2023