Mosquito management courses

BG mosquito trap demonstration
Mosquito management equipment demonstration

The WA Department of Health runs a series of mosquito management and identification courses on a regular basis. Training is presented by Medical Entomology experts from both WA and around the country. 

Short 3-day Mosquito Management course

The 3-day mosquito management short course is a condensed version of the full, 5-day course offered by the Department of Health. It is held every alternate year in a regional location to make training more accessible to those living outside of the Perth metropolitan and South West regions. 

The next 3-day course will be held in Karratha from 29 - 31 March 2023 and is limited to 25 participants. A registration package (PDF 540KB) is available.

Biennial 5-day Mosquito Management course

The highly regarded, full 5-day course is the only mosquito management training available in WA/NT and is recommended for people working in:  

  • environmental and public health 
  • environmental, water and wastewater management 
  • environmental consulting
  • environmental engineering and pest control

The course includes lectures, practical mosquito identification sessions, field work and equipment demonstrations and is offered every 2 years. The topics covered in this course include:

  • mosquito biology and ecology
  • diseases transmitted by mosquitoes
  • collection techniques (both for larval and adult mosquitoes)
  • mosquito identification
  • development of management plans
  • management/control approaches, chemicals and equipment including displays and demonstrations

The next 5-day mosquito management course will occur in September 2024.

Last reviewed: 24-01-2023