Mosquito-borne disease quarterly reports

Medical Entomology monitors human cases of mosquito-borne disease notified to the Department of Health and recorded in the Western Australian Notifiable Infectious Disease Database (WANIDD). This data is used to identify patterns of disease throughout the State, inform mosquito management activities and ascertain the need to release a media statement regarding the risk to public health.  

Medical Entomology closely monitors mosquito-borne disease cases associated with the following four, locally transmitted viruses: 

  • Ross River virus (RRV)
  • Barmah Forest virus (BFV)
  • Murray Valley encephalitis virus (MVEV)
  • West Nile virus strain Kunjin (WNVKUN)

Mosquito-borne disease summary reports are published quarterly for each of the Public Health Regions throughout WA and can be accessed in the menu below.

Mosquito-borne disease case data: quarterly reports

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Last reviewed: 16-02-2024