Safer WA communities

Preventing injury and promoting safer communities

Each year in WA, injuries are responsible for around:

  • 1,400 deaths
  • 50,000 hospitalisations
  • more than 175,000 emergency department presentations.

Whether intended or accidental, most physical injuries can be prevented by identifying the causes and removing or reducing people’s exposure to these causes.  Alcohol use (external site) is a significant risk factor for assaults, burns, falls and motor vehicle crash injuries.

What changes can be made to make our communities safer? 

For children under 4 years, efforts to prevent injury focus on preventing falls, poisoning, drowning as well as burns and scalds.

Preventing transportation injuries, particularly motor vehicle crashes, and falls are important for older children, young adults and older adults.

Safer homes

  • Fire prevention, smoke alarms, fire hazard reduction
  • Pool and spa safety 
  • Storm safety.

Safer communities

Things local government may already be doing 

More things local government can do