Local government - Empowering and enabling people to live healthy lives

For details about Western Australia’s five-year plan to reduce preventable chronic disease and injury in our communities, see the Western Australian Health Promotion Strategic Framework 2017-2021.

For further information and practical resources on how local governments can promote and support healthy, injury-free lifestyles in Western Australia (WA), follow the links below.

A more active WA

Active living is a way of life that incorporates activity into daily routines and gets people up and moving.

Healthier eating in WA

Eating healthy food is important to reduce the risks of chronic conditions including heart disease, diabetes and other obesity-related illnesses.

Smoke-free WA

In WA, more of us live, work and relax in smoke-free environments than ever before, but we need to do more to make smoking a thing of the past.

Safer WA communities

Whether intended or accidental, most physical injuries can be prevented by identifying the causes and removing or reducing people’s exposure to these causes.

Reducing harmful levels of alcohol use

Managing Alcohol in Our Communities – A Guide for Local Government (external link) – a practical guide for reducing alcohol-related harm.