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Virus WAtch is a weekly electronic publication by the Communicable Disease Control Directorate (CDCD) and key collaborators. It provides a brief summary of General Practice and hospital Emergency Department sentinel surveillance data on influenza-like illness, gastroenteritis and varicella-zoster disease, together with relevant laboratory information, to alert health care workers in WA to important circulating viruses.

General Practice data are collected by WA members of the Australian Sentinel Practices Research Network (ASPREN) (external site).

Emergency Department data are provided by the Emergency Department Information System (EDIS).

Viral laboratory data are obtained from PathWest laboratories at QEII Medical Centre and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, as well as via notification data sent by all WA laboratories to CDCD, WA Department of Health.

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Virus Watch reports date back to June 2009 and previous to that, Virus News and Emergency Department Sentinel Surveillance (EDSS News) date back to 2007.

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Last reviewed: 31-05-2024
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