How to get Australian Standards certification for onsite wastewater systems

For a wastewater product to receive Department of Health approval in Western Australia it must be certified against the relevant Australian Standard.
Australian Standards provide the design, installation, performance and management requirements for the following onsite wastewater systems:

  • AS 1546:1 On-site domestic wastewater treatment units: Septic Tanks
  • AS 1546.2 On-site domestic wastewater treatment units: Waterless Composting Toilets
  • AS 1546.3 On-site domestic wastewater treatment units: Secondary treatment systems
  • ATS 5200:460 Technical Specification for plumbing and drainage products – Greywater Diversion Device

The above standards can be obtained from SAI Global's InfoStore (external site).

Who can certify products?

Only “accredited certification bodies” can certify that a product complies with an Australian Standard. 

The certification body must be accredited under the Joint Accreditation Product of Australia and New Zealand (“JAS-ANZ”) or by another accreditation body with which JAS-ANZ has a memorandum of understanding. 

How do I find an Accredited Certification Body?

To locate Certification Bodies the first step is to identify the number of the Australian Standard you want certification to (for example AS/NZS 1546.1 etc.).

If you don’t know the standard you want certification to, visit SAI Global's InfoStore (external site) or contact your national standards writing body Standards Australia (external site).

If you have the number of the standard you are seeking certification to (eg. AS/NZS 1546.1 etc.) you can use JAS-ANZ’s Accredited Bodies Register to generate a list of list of JAS-ANZ accredited Certification Bodies who offer certification to the standard you are interested in.

To do this, go to the Advanced Search page in the Accredited Bodies section of the JAS-ANZ Register (external site).

Who are the Accredited Certification Bodies currently operating in Western Australia?

At present there are only 2 accredited certification bodies operating in Western Australia that certify products against the following Australian Standards. There are other certification bodies within Australia.

I have received product certification, so what next?

Once your product has received a product certification you need to apply to the Department of Health to receive approval to produce and sell your product in Western Australia. Application forms are available from the Manufacture wastewater systems webpage.

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