Heatwave strategies

The Department of Health has developed strategies for local government and community service organisations to reduce vulnerability before the summer until after the heatwave.

In addition, strategies on how to protect people from heatwave can be found by visiting HealthyWA (external site). The website has a large range of articles on those at greatest risk of harm from high temperatures such as working safely in hot conditions, heat stress in older people and food safety.

Before summer Immediately prior to a heatwave During the heatwave Following the heatwave
Engage with key stakeholders and community members to raise awareness about the risks of extreme heat
Instigate consistent community messages through local media or other communication channels
Reschedule non-essential events
Engage with clients about how they coped during the heatwave
Identify established and informal networks to connect and engage with vulnerable groups, including Cultually and Linguistic Diverse and Aboriginal groups
Provide consistent heat health messages during client visits, or through telephone calls
Increase community messaging through local media and standard communication channels
Consider what worked well and what could be improved for future heatwaves
Use relevant lists of people who may be at risk of extreme heat that are current E.g. HACC services, Meals on Wheels
Update the council website, including additional services being provided during the heatwave
Open up air-conditioned cooling centres to allow local residents to get respite from the heat
Ensure to check the HealthyWA website for information on heatwaves
Reschedule services to cooler parts of the day
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