Healthcare professional roles in falls prevention

Collaborating in the hospital

There is weak evidence to support any single intervention directly influencing the rate of falls.

Most evidence suggests that multifactorial interventions, which target individual risk factors for falling, are far superior in reducing the incidence of falls.

Therefore, the multidisciplinary team must work collaboratively to identify individual risk factors that predispose their patients to falling.

The multidisciplinary team includes the:

  • medical officer
  • physiotherapist
  • occupational therapist
  • nurse
  • pharmacist
  • podiatrist.

If the risk factors identified by the multidisciplinary team can be treated, improved or managed during the patients’ stay, they need to be communicated to all professions so that a holistic, consistent and unified approach to managing falls can be achieved.

In WA, a statewide Falls Risk Assessment and Management Plan (FRAMP) has been established to achieve the collaborative care that is required to successfully reduce falls.
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