Fundraisers, charities and volunteers

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Certain food businesses only need to notify the relevant local government of the intention to operate. This includes certain food sold at fundraisers or charity events.

Certain types of food businesses are exempt from having to register with local government. However, organisers of such events must still notify the relevant local government that you intend to operate.

Notification ensures that anyone handling food for sale is provided with appropriate information and guidance on how to prepare food safely. This includes food businesses that:

  • sell food to raise money for a charitable or community nature, such as a sausage sizzle, jams or soft drinks
  • sell packaged food that is not potentially hazardous
  • provide complimentary drinks in conjunction with another kind of business
  • are conducted at registered establishments (premises registered under the Australian Government’s Export Control Act 1982).

It is important that anyone organising a fundraising or charity event also reads: 

  1. Starting a food business
  2. Register or notify a food business

for information on the notification process and how to comply with food laws. 

Contact the relevant local government Environmental Health Services (external site) for details of their notification process and possible fees.

Refer to the information for charities and community organisations (external site) for a range of resources to support volunteers working at your charity event to meet food safety standards.

Last reviewed: 15-12-2020
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