Form requirements for the notification of food-borne pathogens

For the purposes of Regulation 15 of the Food Regulations 2009 the approved form to be completed by a proprietor of a food business or the person in charge of a laboratory for the suspicion / isolation of pathogen from food, a person, premises, a vehicle or anything associated with the food business, must include the information specified below:

  • name of prescribed pathogen
  • name and address of food business
  • sampling date and location
  • description of food / source of sample
  • main activity undertaken by the food business
  • brand name / trade name
  • pack size, date marking, and batch code (if applicable)
  • name and address of laboratory isolating prescribed pathogen
  • date sample received for testing
  • date prescribed pathogen suspected / isolated
  • date, time and person at DOH verbally notified
  • any additional relevant information concerning the product such as raw or ready-to-eat
  • if product is in the market place
  • the date, signature, and position of the person submitting the notice.

The form may also include other relevant information not specified.

sample form (Word 384KB) is available to provide guidance.

Pathogens requiring notification

Food-borne pathogens that require notification include:

  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • all Salmonella species
  • all Shigella species
  • verotoxigenic E.coli.

To notify

  1. Immediately telephone advice to the Food Unit on 9222 2000
  2. Within 24 hours of isolation or suspicion of a prescribed pathogen forward the required form to the Food Unit via email:
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