Food offenders

The publication of names of offenders list contains details of persons convicted in a court of law for breaches against food legislation in Western Australia.

Read the names of offenders list.

Enforcement agencies – local governments and the Department of Health –undertake legal actions through a court of law against persons who have breached legal requirements.

Enforcement agencies use a graduated response for breaches against food legislation, which may vary according to the severity of the offence and previous enforcement action.

These convictions remain on the web page for a period of 24 months from the date of conviction.

Convictions relate to current food legislation in Western Australia, specifically:  

Consumers should be aware that food businesses that are prosecuted for non-compliance with legal requirements are also required to rectify these problems.

Local government routinely assess and monitor food businesses for compliance with food legislation and work continuously to improve standards and encourage food businesses to adopt processes that meet health and hygiene standards.

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Last reviewed: 15-12-2020
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