Food safety supervisor training course

Standard 3.2.2A - Food Safety Management Tools (external site) was gazetted on 8 December 2022 and will come into effect after a 12-month transition period on 8 December 2023.

Food businesses will be required to appoint a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) if they handle unpackaged potentially hazardous food that:

  • is used in the preparation of ready-to-eat food to be served to a consumer; or
  • is ready-to-eat food intended for retail sale by that business.

An overview of the requirements for Food Safety Supervisor's is outline on food safety management tools for food businesses. The following information details the approved training course. 

Units of competencies

In Western Australia, FSSs are required to undergo training by a registered training organisation (RTO) that is approved to deliver the following units of competencies in the SITSS00069 - Food Safety Supervision Skill Set (external site):

  • SITXFSA005 - Use hygienic practices for food safety; AND
  • SITXFSA006 - Participate in safe food handling practices

The Department of Health WA has assessed other nationally recognised skill sets / units of competencies and considers the following as equivalent to the SITSS00069 - Food Safety Supervision Skill Set:

A FSS must hold a certificate (or Statement of Attainment) issued by an RTO which shows the completion of the required units of competencies within the past 5 years.

Registered training organisations

You will be able to check if an RTO is approved to deliver the required units of competencies on the National Register on Vocational Education and Training (external site).

For ease of reference, the following table lists WA-based RTOs, and RTOs offering in-person training in WA that has confirmed with the Department of Health WA that they currently deliver a FSS course to members of the public.

Another listing of RTOs that are approved to deliver the required units of competencies can be found on NSW Food Authority’s website (external site).

Registered training organisation*
In-person training in WA Online course
Access All Areas Training No Yes
Australian College of Training Yes Yes
Australian Institute of Career Education Yes No
Australian Institute of Language and Further Education  Yes No
Australian Professional Skills Institute Yes Yes
Aveling No Yes
Central TAFE Geraldton and Kalgoorlie Yes Yes
Clubs WA Inc No Yes
Empyrean Education Institute Yes Yes
Global College Australasia Yes Yes
Hopkins International College  Yes Yes 
Job Trainer Australia No Yes
North Metropolitan TAFE Yes No
North Regional TAFE Yes No
South Metropolitan TAFE Yes Yes
North Regional TAFE Yes No
South Regional TAFE Yes No
Streamline Training Group Yes Yes
Training Institute Australasia Yes Yes
Tubal Pty Ltd Yes No
Vocational Training Services (VTS) Yes No
WA School Canteen Association (via NAQ Nutrition Training)    
Yes Yes

*WA-based RTOs, and RTOs offering in-person training in WA. RTOs to contact the Department of Health WA on for any enquiries on the listing.

Last reviewed: 11-01-2024
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