Falls prevention tools and resources

This page provides an overview of falls prevention and management tools that can help you in your daily practice. 

Falls Risk Assessment and Management Plan

The Falls Risk Assessment and Management Plan (FRAMP) screens, assesses and provide interventions for the patients individual risk factors.


Patient education

A range of patient education tools and resources are available as a part of the Stay On Your Feet WA® program (external site). There are a variety of resources for inpatient and community based patients and some are available in languages other than English. The range can be viewed via the online resource catalogue (external site).

Accreditation tools and resources

Post-Fall Multidisciplinary Management Guidelines and Tools

The Post Fall Multidisciplinary Management Guidelines and tools provide evidence-based guidance for use by all health professionals to reduce the risk of further falls and harm from falls. They contain specific clinical guidelines to guide post fall care for nursing, medical, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and pharmacy health professionals.

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