Falls Prevention Health Network

The Falls Prevention Health Network aims to improve harm prevention from falls by enabling consumers and carers, health professionals, hospitals, health services and the Department of Health WA as system manager to engage and collaborate effectively to facilitate health policy and increased co-ordination of care across the State.

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Models of care and other resources

Health Networks develops models of care, frameworks and guidelines to provide a cohesive and consistent plan for health care across WA. Implementation of these resources occurs in partnership with the Health Service Providers and other organisations involved in health care.

Health professional resources – inpatient advice
Falls Specialist Service resources - printable double-sided brochures

Contact details for Falls Clinics

All non-urgent referrals for Falls Clinic should be sent via Central Referral Services.

Urgent referrals should be directed through to the local site directly (Phone / Fax) or via central referral marked URGENT.


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Last reviewed: 10-12-2021
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