Falls Prevention Community of Practice for hospital settings

Collaboration in falls prevention

There are a number of groups, communities of practice and networks who work collaboratively to contribute to falls prevention in WA.

The Falls Prevention Community of Practice for hospital settings is one of these groups.

Information on other groups is available from the Falls Prevention Health Network.

The Falls Prevention Community of Practice for hospital settings shares knowledge and ideas and provides a forum for discussion and support.

They work collaboratively to standardise key processes at a statewide level.

Who is involved

It is an open, informal group with a focus on falls prevention in hospital settings and anyone can participate.

Membership consists of clinicians, researchers and health administrators involved in falls prevention throughout WA, spanning the public and private sectors. 

How it works

The Community of Practice:

  • meets quarterly
  • communicates via email out of session
  • is self-organising
  • holds meetings which are chaired by Dr Nicholas Waldron, Clinical Lead, Falls Prevention Health Network.

A distribution list called ‘Falls Community of Practice’ is available on the Department of Health Global Address Book to facilitate communication between the members. People on this email distribution list will receive:

  • details of upcoming meetings
  • minutes, actions and outcomes from previous meetings
  • queries from other members
  • information about upcoming events, newly released reports or updates on evidence.

Small time limited working groups are formed as needed to work on particular projects.


The Community of Practice was established in 2009. It builds on the Safety and Quality Investment for Reform (SQuIRe) Clinical Practice Improvement (CPI) program which was implemented in 2006 to strengthen the Department of Health’s clinical governance and patient safety management systems.

Contacting or participating in the Community of Practice

If you would like to be added to the email distribution list for this group or if you have a general query about the Community of Practice please email healthpolicy@health.wa.gov.au.

Last reviewed: 30-07-2018
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