Department of Health regulatory role

The Department of Health  (DoH) has been involved in Groundwater Replenishment since the establishment of the three-year feasibility study (2005-2008) investigating the suitability and effectiveness of water filtration and disinfection barriers designed to treat recycled water to drinking water quality. 

The trial help the DoH to identified the knowledge and competencies required to safely manage a recycled water system where recycled/replenished become a drinking water source.

With the outcomes from the feasibility study and the implementation of the first full-scale Groundwater Replenishment Scheme in Australia (2014-2020) the Department has develop a strong management system to closely monitor and regulate indirect potable reuse.

The primary roles of the Department are:

  • Ensure the quality and safety of recycled water produced by GWRS.
  • Oversight the Water Corporation’s risk management a quality management system designed to protect public health.
  • Provide advice to the Corporation on matters regarding the production and quality of recycled water.
  • Audit the Corporation’s systems and databases used to manage and report on the GWRS.
  • Provide comment and advice to the community with respect to recycled water quality.

For further information on the roles of Department of Health on the Groundwater Replenishment Scheme refer to the Groundwater Replenishment Scheme webpage.

The scheme is regulated by the Department of Health through a Memorandum of Understanding (PDF 825KB) between the Department of Health and the Water Corporation.

Last reviewed: 27-11-2020
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