Definitive Anaesthetic Trauma Care (DATC) Course

The Definitive Anaesthetic Trauma Care (DATC) course will provide multidisciplinary training to consultant anaesthetists and anaesthetic fellows (post-exam) in strategic thinking and decision-making in the management of the severely injured patients and provide them with practical skills to manage difficult resuscitations.

2024 DATC course takes place 18-19 June 2024

The DATC Course is an intensive 3-day course that consists of key note lecturers, multidisciplinary case presentations, discussions and workshops. This course is held in conjunction with the Definitive Surgical Trauma Care Course (DSTC) and the Definitive Perioperative Nurses Trauma Care Course (DPNTC) course where the surgeons and nurses will work together with the Anaesthetists as part of a trauma team.

The course focuses on:

  • surgical and Anaesthetic decision making in complex scenarios
  • hands-on practical experience with experienced instructors (both national and international)
  • insight into difficult trauma situations with learned techniques of haemorrhage control and the ability to handle major thoracic, cardiac and abdominal injuries
  • the course is approved for continuing professional development credit and is particularly valuable in that it meets requirements in reaccreditation for massive transfusion and CICO
  • laboratory based surgical skills training.
  • high faculty to participant ratio with the faculty consisting of experienced trauma trained surgeons and anaesthetists.

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Last reviewed: 08-12-2023