Data Quality Team

The DQT provides a data quality function for the Statutory and Patient Activity Data Collections. Currently this consists of formal validation processes for:

  • The Hospital Morbidity Data System housed in the Hospital Morbidity Data Collection (HMDC) which contains clinically coded data for inpatient episodes in Western Australia,
  • The Mental Health Information Data Collection (MiND),
  • Emergency Department Data Collections and
  • Cancer Registry of WA.

There is also non-validation data quality processes for:

  • Non-Admitted Data collections.

In relation to the Hospital Morbidity Data System, the DQT also takes carriage of the private hospital data submission process by:

  • Managing private hospital data submissions, data quality checks and data loading.
  • Ensuring private hospital data meets data submission schedules and demonstrates good data quality.
  • Monitors private hospital license holders and ensures they are notified about requirements for data submission, reporting and edit protocols.
  • Regularly liaises with private hospitals and vendors regarding the collection of inpatient data, validation and reporting.

The Data Quality Team is able to conduct data quality investigations in relation to Performance Indicators and requests from Health Service Providers.

How is data quality monitored by the DQT?

  • Adherence to Admission, Readmission, Discharge and Transfer policy (ARDT), business rules, Australian Coding Standards, ACCD Coding rules and WA Coding rules.
  • Embedded data quality validations are run against local and national business rules, along with WA based validations.
  • Ad hoc data mining, desktop audits, site audits, targeted audits, feedback from data queries and other audit processes.


For Hospital Morbidity Data Collection:

All other Data Collections and adhoc queries:

Last reviewed: 13-07-2023