Childhood immunisations

Routine vaccines are recommended for infants and children from birth to four years of age for optimal protection from vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccines listed on the WA Immunisation Schedule are provided for free under State-funded programs and the National Immunisation Program (NIP) (external site).

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Immunisation requirements for early childhood education

Children’s immunisations must be up-to-date to enrol in child care services, pre- kindergarten and kindergarten in WA.

Exceptions apply to children who have an approved medical exemption to a vaccine, have natural immunity to a specific disease or are on an approved catch-up schedule. Medical exemptions, natural immunity and catch-up schedules must be recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) to meet enrolment requirements.

Learn more at immunisation requirements for child care services, kindergarten and schools.

Families receiving family assistance payments (e.g. Child Care Subsidy) need to ensure their child’s immunisations are up-to-date. For more information, visit Services Australia (external site).

When parents object to their child being vaccinated

If a parent/guardian partially or completely objects to having their child immunised, you may wish to discuss the following points:

  • Their child will not be protected against the diseases for which they have not been vaccinated.
  • Their child may be excluded from school if an outbreak occurs.
  • Their child will not be permitted to enrol into long day care, family day care, pre-kindergarten or kindergarten if they are not up-to-date on their vaccinations.
  • They will not be eligible for family assistance payments if their child is not up-to-date on their vaccinations.
  • Conscientious objection and objection on non-medical grounds is no longer a valid exemption from immunisation requirements.
  • If parents/guardians change their mind:
    • they can take their child to an immunisation provider to get them fully vaccinated if their child is still age eligible for government-funded vaccination
    • they can access privately funded vaccines (payment will be required) if their child is no longer age eligible for government-funded vaccines.

Additional resources for providers and parents/guardians are listed below under ‘Useful Resources’.

If the child has a medical contraindication to vaccination, the medical provider will need to use the medical exemption form. For further details, visit Services Australia (external site).

Specialist immunisation service

Medical referrals are required for the Specialist Immunisation Clinic (external site) at Perth Children's Hospital. For details on how to refer a patient, visit the Perth Children’s Hospital website (external site).

Influenza immunisation

The National Health and Medical Research Council (external site), recommends annual vaccination for individuals 6 months or older who wish to reduce their chances of becoming ill with influenza.

Learn more about influenza immunisation.

Useful resources

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Last reviewed: 24-05-2023