Care pathways for home-ventilated patients

The Pathways provide clinicians with a guide across the continuum of care and progression of disease. They focus on patient-centred care and quality and safety improvements. View the resources:

Home ventilation service

Home ventilation can assist patients whose breathing is inadequate to maintain life during wakefulness and/or sleep. It can be provided in the patient’s home and or/on their wheelchair and allows the patients to live at home rather than being cared for fulltime in a hospital setting

The intent of a home-ventilation service is to:

  • deliver care in the community and not in a hospital setting with the least burden of care on primary carers
  • promote the patient’s independence and freedom of movement (e.g. wheel chair-mounted ventilator)
  • improve access to services in the community from the time of respiratory failure diagnosis, resulting in reduced hospitalisation
  • manage disease progression in the community with the right team
  • prolong life expectancy

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Last reviewed: 11-03-2021