Mpox (Monkeypox) awareness campaign: Communications toolkit for stakeholders

The Department of Health mpox awareness campaign raises awareness of the symptoms of mpox, how to avoid it, and what to do if you think you have caught it.

The primary message of the campaign focuses on vaccination. Although one dose of the available vaccine, JYNNEOS® mpox vaccine, provides substantial benefit, two doses given at least 28 days apart will ensure optimal protection against infection.

Mpox is usually a rare viral illness that can become serious. Cases have been increasing internationally and in Australia, including Western Australia.

Cases are largely returned travellers from places with high case numbers of mpox (UK, USA, Spain, Portugal, Canada). The campaign targets men who have sex with men (MSM), particularly returned travellers from high prevalence areas.

People returning from overseas, or in close contact with people returning from overseas should look out for symptoms, avoid intimate contact with someone with symptoms, and seek medical advice if they suspect they have mpox.

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Campaign materials

This toolkit (DOC 633KB) includes recommended social media graphics and messaging for you to share to help us to reach our intended target audiences.

Anyone can publish the tiles and copy as they are provided or update the resources to best meet the needs of their community.

Note: If updating the designs of the tiles, please remove the Department of Health crest, or send to the below address for approval.

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Social media tiles

Are you at risk of MPX?  Have MPX symptoms? Get tested

How is MPX spread?  MPX cases have been detected in WA

MPX Isolation  MPX vaccination

Need help? Where to go  Prevention of MPX

Returning from overseas?  Signs of MPX

Translated MPX resource  

What is Monkeypox?  Who does MPX affect?

Last reviewed: 06-10-2022