‘Look out for signs of monkeypox’ awareness campaign

‘Look for signs of monkeypox’ is a public health campaign to raise awareness about monkeypox.

The campaign aims to encourage people to look out for symptoms of monkeypox and to seek medical advice if they suspect they have the virus.

Monkeypox is usually a rare viral illness that can become serious. However, cases have been increasing internationally and have now been reported in Western Australia.

Monkeypox can affect anyone who comes into close contact with someone with the virus. Many of the cases in the current outbreak are in men who have sex with men (MSM). This campaign targets the MSM population, particularly returned travellers from high prevalence areas, and communicates the symptoms, testing and treatment.

For more information visit www.healthywa.wa.gov.au/monkeypox (external link).

  1. Raise awareness that monkeypox is now in Western Australia
  2. Raise awareness of the symptoms of monkeypox
  3. Increase testing for monkeypox
  4. Motivate the target audience to seek medical advice if they suspect they have monkeypox
Key messages
  1. Look out for monkeypox symptoms.
  2. Cases of monkeypox have been detected in Western Australia.
  3. Monkeypox is spread by close skin-to-skin contact; by touching clothes, linen or towels that have been used by someone with monkeypox; and through respiratory droplets.
  4. If you are at risk or have symptoms, call your GP.
Target audience


  • MSM population in WA – males aged 18+
  • Particularly those returned from high prevalence areas overseas

Campaign materials


Infographic: Look out for signs of monkeypox

Infographic: Look out for signs of monkeypox

Social assets


Monkeypox poster: Returning from overseas?  Monkeypox poster: Been in close contact?

Contact us

The campaign is coordinated by the Communicable Disease Control Directorate in conjunction with the Communications Directorate.

Please contact us if you need further information or materials in alternative formats.

Email: communications@health.wa.gov.au

Last reviewed: 10-02-2023