Japanese encephalitis virus awareness campaign: Communications toolkit for stakeholders

The Department of Health’s Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) awareness campaign raises awareness of the increased risk of JEV, the availability of the vaccine, and ways to avoid infection.

With instances of JEV found as close as the Northern Territory border, this is a new threat to Western Australian communities, especially those in key areas of the Kimberley.

Japanese encephalitis (JE) is a rare but serious disease that is caused by JEV. JEV is spread to humans and other animals, such as waterbirds and pigs by infected mosquitoes. JEV cannot be transmitted (by contact) from person-to-person, from animal-to-person, nor transmitted by eating meat from an infected animal.

This campaign is unique to other mosquito-borne disease campaigns (including the overarching ‘Fight the Bite’ campaign) by the fact that a vaccine is available to those most at risk. This vaccine provides long-term protection from JEV.

JEV vaccination is now recommended and available for people who live in high-risk Kimberley communities.

For those that fall outside of this group but come into contact/live in areas with mosquito populations, it is recommended to:

  1. Cover up using long, loose-fitting clothing.
  2. Regularly apply effective mosquito repellent when outside.
  3. Remove, empty or cover water-holding containers to reduce mosquito breeding.

For more information, visit the Japanese encephalitis or Japanese encephalitis: Information for local government and industry page.

Campaign materials

This toolkit includes posters and social media graphics with suggested messaging for you to share to help us to reach our intended target audiences.

To download individual assets, click on the asset. This will open a new page. Once loaded, right click the image and select 'save'.

Download the full toolkit here: 2023 JEV communications toolkit (.zip, 8.08MB).

Please be in touch if you need alternative formats or versions based on unique needs of your audience at communications@health.wa.gov.au

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Translated material

Kimberley Kriol (MP4, 1.87MB)

Social media tiles

The Japanese encephalitis virus awareness campaign communications toolkit for stakeholders (PDF, 615KB) provides suggested messaging to accompany the below social media tiles.











Last reviewed: 17-02-2023