COVID-19 public information campaign

The aim of this campaign is to inform the WA community that COVID-19 is not over yet and that every individual has a part to play in keeping themselves and the rest of us safe.

Media channels include TV, Outdoor, digital, radio and press across metro and regional Western Australia.

The campaign will run from mid-July until end of September 2020.

Campaign messages

Messages are focused on the following topics:

  • maintaining physical distancing wherever possible
  • practising good personal hygiene
  • staying at home if unwell and getting tested 
  • downloading the COVIDSafe app.

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Campaign materials

You are encouraged to download and share these materials to help us reach all Western Australians.


The three videos demonstrate the challenges people face when having to make decisions that don't come naturally to them e.g. shaking hands, washing hands when out and about, staying home if sick. By giving them the answers, we help them avoid the struggle of having to work it out for themselves.


Mary G, speaks to Western Australians about good hygiene and social distancing.



Let's keep up the elbow bumps
Let's keep the elbow bumps going
Let's keep up the hand washing
Let's keep up the hand washing
Let's stay at home if unwell
Let's stay at home if unwell

Aboriginal posters

Poster: COVID-19 symptoms  POster: COVID-19 social distancing

For more Aboriginal resources visit HealthyWA.


A collection of four 15 seconds radio adverts are available in Vietnamese, Italian, Cantonese and Mandarin. The recordings cover the topics of physical distancing and staying at home if sick. These audio files are available upon request.

Social media

Physical distancing

Washing hands

Staying at home if sick


For the latest advice to share via social media, follow and share content from the WA Department of Health’s channels:

Last reviewed: 16-07-2020