Review of the WA Guidelines for the Assessment, Remediation and Management of Asbestos-Contaminated Sites

The consultation and review process is complete with updated Guidelines now available.

A seminar will be held during Asbestos Awareness Week in November 2021 to introduce the updated guidelines. Further information on the seminar is available through Eventbrite (external site).

The updated Guidelines remain consistent with the ASC NEPM.

Why Review?

  • The application of the guidelines has evolved over time with feedback provided by interested stakeholders and users.
  • There is now some improved understanding of asbestos in soil issues.
  • There is better evidence on what works and what doesn't for remediation and control.
  • Misinterpretation has led to sometimes overcautious or under managed situations.
  • Complementary guidance and legislation has been or is under review.

What is updated?

  • A new chapter has been added on how the Guidelines fit within the broader legislative framework.
  • Clarification regarding site inspection methodology and site reporting requirements.
  • Clarification on use and interpretation of analytical results.
  • Greater focus on risk-based assessment.
  • Increased focus on effective and site specific management plans.
  • Introduction to how site specific criteria may be considered.

Current reviews of related legislation

The outcome of current WA legislation review programs may influence what is possible for the assessment and management of asbestos-contaminated sites.  As such you may also wish remain informed on:

Last reviewed: 01-09-2021