Application process for approval of recycling water scheme

Follow this step-by-step guide to obtain approval for non-potable uses of recycled water from:

  • sewage (greywater, backwater or yellow water)
  • municipal wastewater
  • industrial wastewater.

1. Consider if more than 5000 L/day of treated effluent will be produced

Yes: You are required to follow the approval process shown in Figure 1 of the Guidelines for the non-potable uses of recycled water in WA (PDF 1.99MB).

No: You do not require approval for a recycling scheme. Please follow the requirements of the Health (Treatment of Sewage and Disposal of Effluent and Liquid Waste) Regulations 1974 (external link) or the Code of Practice for the reuse of greywater in Western Australia (PDF 1353KB).

2. Installing sewage treatment plants

Is there a sewage treatment plant already installed?

Yes: Please complete and submit the application for approval of a recycled water scheme (Word 204KB) and a draft Recycled Water Quality Management Plan (RWQMP) (Word 684KB).

No: In addition to the recycling application form and the draft RWQMP you will need to apply to install a wastewater system.

3. Assessment and granting of in principle approval

After the assessment of your application to the satisfaction of the WA Department of Health, in principle approval is granted.

This approval includes the:

  • conditions to install the recycled treatment plant (if not already installed)
  • validation and verification sampling program to demonstrate the recycling treatment plant is achieving the water quality standards for the intended end use(s)
  • sections of the RWQMP that will need to be addressed before approval to use the recycled water is granted.

4. Plant commissioning

After the commissioning of the recycled treatment plant please submit:

  • results of the validation
  • verification sampling program
  • the completed RWQMP.

5. Final approval

Approval to use the recycled water is granted after the assessment of water quality results and RWQMP is completed to the satisfaction of the Department of Health.

For large urban development water recycling schemes, please refer to the Guideline for the approval of non-drinking water systems in Western Australia - Urban developments (external PDF).

For such schemes, submissions must be made to the Department of Water.

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