Medical Indemnity - Salaried Medical Officers and Non-salaried Medical Practitioners Policy

Applicable to: This mandatory policy is binding on each Health Service Provider (HSP) to which it applies or relates.

Description: All matters relating to the application of the terms and conditions of medical indemnities applying to:

  • salaried medical officers
  • non-salaried medical practitioners
  • Ambulatory Surgery Initiative
  • Privately Referred Non-Inpatients Model

are to be referred to Legal and Legislative Services (LLS).

The terms and conditions of the indemnities listed are not to be varied without LLS approval. Only medical indemnities approved by LLS may be issued by HSPs.

LLS is also responsible for Deeds of Indemnity covering the secondment, or placement, of salaried medical officers in hospitals or health facilities managed by private sector and non-for-profit operators. All inquiries concerning the Deeds should be directed to LLS.

Date of effect: 01 July 2016

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