Asset Management Strategic Asset Plan Policy

Applicable to: Health Service Providers

Description: The Asset Management: Strategic Asset Plan Policy sets out the mandatory requirements for the preparation and submission of a Health Service Provider Strategic Asset Plan (SAP) to ensure the effective and efficient management of assets. The development of a SAP assists Health Service Providers to identify their asset management investment priorities on an annual basis.

The Policy supports the Western Australian (WA) Government’s mandate to strengthen links between business decisions and asset planning and is consistent with the Department of Treasury’s Strategic Asset Management Framework. A WA health system SAP is prepared by the Department of Health for submission to Government on an annual basis. 

This Policy is a mandatory requirement under the Infrastructure (Asset Management) Policy Framework and is pursuant to section 26(2)(d) of the Health Services Act 2016. The Framework establishes a high level set of principles for strategic asset management whilst this Policy provides Health Service Providers with mandatory requirements for the preparation of their SAP.

Date of effect: 24 June 2019

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