WA Health System Language Services Policy

Applicable to: The Policy is binding on each HSP and contracted health entities to which it applies or relates.

Description: The Western Australian Government endorsed the Western Australian Language Services Policy 2014 and Guidelines as a commitment to providing accessible and responsive services to all Western Australians. This policy supports Western Australian public sector agencies in developing effective communication between staff and clients to improve service delivery and outcomes for all Western Australians.

The WA Health System Language Services Policy (the Policy) applies the State Government’s Western Australian Language Services Policy 2014 to the unique conditions and complexities of the WA health system taking into account specific requirements and risks associated with health care.

The Policy provides guidance to Health Service Provider (HSP) staff about system-wide and professional standards to enable effective communication with consumers and carers and to assist with the management of health, legal and other risks that may arise in the delivery of health services, for example, consent to treatment.

The Policy supersedes OD 0346/11 WA Health Language Services Policy. The Policy is part of the Communications Policy Framework.

Date of effect: 03 April 2017

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