WA Clinical Alert MedAlert Policy

Applicable to: This Policy applies to Health Service Providers (HSPs) and contracted health entities that provide publicly-funded inpatient care.

Description: The WA Clinical Alert (MedAlert) Policy (the Policy) mandates the implementation of a standardised process of communicating clinical alerts across the WA health system using the PAS (Patient Administration System) for example TOPAS, webPAS, or HCare.

The objective of this policy is to reduce the risk of patients experiencing an adverse event related to a previously identified serious anaesthetic condition, specified medical condition, or serious unexpected drug reaction, by improving communication of these risks to clinicians when patients present to hospital before the medical record is retrieved.

This Policy outlines the minimum requirements for the approval and documentation of clinical alerts within patient health records and the PAS throughout the WA health system to ensure consistent, safe and immediately available clinical alert information to clinicians.

This Policy supersedes the OD 0511/14 WA Clinical Alert (MedAlert) Policy.

Sections that have been updated include:

  • Documentation of Adverse Drug Reactions 
  • Process for adverse drug reactions occurring during hospitalisation 
  • Consumer Adverse Drug Reaction Brochure 
  • Assessment of Food Allergy 
  • Inclusion of Advance Health Directives 
  • Compliance measures and evaluation.

Date of effect: 14 June 2017

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