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Silver Chain Home Hospital - 34.74427


The Silver Chain Home Hospital is a metropolitan based service made up of four interlinked components.

Easter holiday mosquito warning - 34.55544


The Department of Health has issued a public health alert to cover up and use repellent to avoid mosquito bites over the Easter break and over coming weeks.

Public Home Birth Program Policy - 33.74519


The Public Home Birth Program Policy sets out the mandatory requirements to ensure maternal and newborn services are safe, integrated, effective and responsive to the individual needs of women and their babies when having a planned home birth under the WA health system Public Home Birth Program.

Home based food businesses - 31.4849


Home based food business must still ensure food for sale is safe and suitable and follow certain food laws in WA.

HACC – Home and Community Care Program Transition - 28.80066


A joint funding initiative of the Commonwealth and WA State Governments, HACC provides basic support services for eligible people of all ages with a disability and their carers to assist them to continue living independently at home.

Specialist youth service now has a new home - 28.4924


Youth Axis, a support group for young people with mental illness, has moved into its new home.

Care pathways for home-ventilated patients - 28.13339


Home ventilation can assist patients whose breathing is inadequate to maintain life during wakefulness and/or sleep

Provision of Assistive Technology and Home Modifications Policy - 27.98694


The Provision of Assistive Technology and Home Modifications Policy sets out the mandatory requirements for Health Service Providers that provide clinical services inclusive of the provision of assistive technology for domestic use and home modifications to eligible patients.

Minister for Health: Roebourne renal facility brings care closer to home - 27.76463


More renal patients in Roebourne and surrounding areas can now be treated closer to home thanks to a new community supported home dialysis facility.

Paediatric care closer to home - 27.09161


Families have greatly benefitted from reduced waiting times and speciality care closer to home as they access public hospitals for paediatric care.

COVID-19 update: Travel agent appointed to help Australians return to home States - 26.66479


With the recommencement of commercial flights within Australia, people who have completed their 14-day quarantine period are now able to make their way home. To assist, the State of Western Australia has appointed a travel agent to help bring home Western Australians currently in other States and to return those quarantined in Perth back to their state of origin.

Arrangements for WA public hospitals on National Public Holiday (September 22) - 24.95152


Due to the one-off National public holiday in memory of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday September 22, some elective surgery and outpatient appointments within WA’s public hospitals, will need to be rescheduled.

List of licensed private nursing homes - 21.81435


Private nursing home: “Nursing Home means premises in which persons who do not require constant medical attention are received as patients and lodged for the purpose of medical supervision and nursing care but does not include any premises declared by the Minister under section 3 not to be a nursing home for the purposes of this Act.

COVID-19 – Healthcare workers welcomed home from Victoria - 21.75603


The Department of Health has today confirmed that seven healthcare workers have returned safely home on a charter flight from Victoria.

Minister for Health: Perth Children's Hospital offers a home away from home - 20.68553


Perth Children's Hospital will accept its first inpatients in a few weeks but it will not just be young people that are accommodated in the new hospital.

Organochlorine pesticide residues in home garden soils - 19.94922


Organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) are man-made chemicals that were used to control insects in urban areas in Australia into the 1980s. OCPs are no longer registered for use in the home environment in Australia.

Minister for Health: Community midwifery closer to home for northern suburbs women - 18.66326


The Joondalup Community Midwifery Program (CMP) officially opens today, bringing maternity care closer to home for women in the northern suburbs.

Fight the Bite campaign - 18.15748


WA Health’s Fight the Bite campaign aims to educate individuals on simple ways to prevent being bitten and reduce mosquito breeding around their home/holiday accommodation.

Minister for Health: Don't leave home without your measles shot - 17.84568


If you are planning a trip overseas this summer – make sure you check your measles immunisations are up to date.

Cancer care closer to home - 16.75507


WA Health has strongly invested in cancer care to support the 11,700 Western Australians diagnosed with cancer every year.

HACC – service directory - 15.50833


Directory of Western Australian Home And Community Care (HACC) service providers

HACC – publications and policies - 14.25796


Publications and policies about the Home and Community Care Program (HACC)

Asbestos legacy still lurks in WA homes - 14.01589


With home renovations on the increase, Western Australians are being urged to take precautions when renovating older homes with potential hidden asbestos.

Minister for Health: New home for southern suburbs residential mental health service - 13.31779


A new refurbished State-wide community mental health transitional facility has been opened by the McGowan Government in East Fremantle.

HACC – quality reporting - 12.35027


The Community Care Common Standards (CCCS) were developed jointly by the Commonwealth Government and State and Territory Governments as part of broader community care reforms.

HACC – for service providers - 11.97288


Information for service providers about the Home and Community Care (HACC) Program

HACC – service reporting - 11.8807


Information about service reporting for the Home and Community Care (HACC) Program

Minister for Health: McGowan Government bolsters Kimberley renal dialysis services - 10.90529


Health Minister Roger Cook today announced that renal dialysis services in the Kimberley would be significantly bolstered with up to $97 million worth of contracted services in renal dialysis and essential support services across the region and the continuation of interim mobile dialysis and expanded home dialysis facilities.

Be attentive with food safety over the holidays - 10.5


The Department of Health is urging Western Australians to take extra care when preparing and storing food during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Chief Allied Health Office homeless health action plan 2022–2025 - 10.5


The Chief Allied Health Office homeless health action plan 2022–2025 outlines the actions being undertaken with the aim to improve health care access, equity and quality for people experiencing homelessness.

Aboriginal environmental health program - 10.09208


When a Health Practitioner (GP, Nurse other primary health practitioner) identifies a patient who presents with a chronic or acute preventable illness related to their environment, offering an Environmental Health Referral to the patient allows the consideration of a visit to the home by an experienced Environmental Health Practitioner to conduct an assessment of the home environment with a view to addressing any environmental health risks in and around the home.

Fight the bite this festive season - 10.04366


The Department of Health is warning residents and holiday-makers across Western Australia to protect themselves against mosquito bites this summer.

WA Health, Government of Western Australia - 9.941648


Website of the Department of Health, Western Australia

Registration of a food business - 9.83656


Everything you need to know about where and how to register your food business in Western Australia, including a café, restaurant, shop, manufacturing food, cooking food from home, starting a mobile food van or fundraising event. This includes the process for registration with relevant enforcement agency being either a local government environmental health service or the Department of Health.

HACC – Minimum Data Set (MDS) - 9.619981


Guidelines for recording and reporting service types in line with WA HACC program's requirements

Starting a food business in WA - 8.701636


Everything you need to know about starting or registering a food business in Western Australia, including a café, restaurant, shop, manufacturing food, cooking food from home, starting a mobile food van or fundraising event. This includes the process for registration with local government environmental health services, design and fit our requirements for a premises, fees, penalties and fines.

Water Immersion During Labour and Birth Policy - 8.277109


The Water Immersion During Labour and Birth Policy (the policy) establishes the clinical practices and requirements to ensure the safe care of women and their unborn/newborn babies when water immersion is chosen during labour and birth.

Play it Food Safe in Busselton to reduce food poisoning - 8.189341


A new food safety advertising campaign is being piloted in Busselton to reduce the cases of food poisoning that occur in the home.

Assistance with travel costs to receive medical care - 8.014481


WA Health provides travel and accommodation support for Western Australian residents who need to access treatment away from home.

Grants promote independent living, falls prevention - 7.678265


Eligible organisations and community groups can apply for grants to help older Western Australians improve home safety and prevent falls.

COVID-19 public information campaign - 7.592813


Resources for general public and industry about coronavirus (COVID-19).

Spotlight on food hygiene as rates of food poisoning soar - 7.544682


Western Australia is experiencing high levels of reported foodborne illness, with approximately 80 per cent of notified cases linked to poor food hygiene at home.

Meningococcal disease in an adult - 7.515887


The Department of Health today reported that an adult has been diagnosed with meningococcal serogroup W disease and is recovering at home.

GP Urgent Care Clinic Network - 7.515887


Western Australians will now have more options of healthcare for non-emergency situations that are in the community and closer to home.

HACC – complaints management - 7.300495


Information about the HACC complaints processes for consumers and service providers.

Review of admission and discharge referral practices for the metropolitan hospital emergency departments - 7.285054


This review is concerned with examining both pre-hospital admission and post-discharge processes, and the reasons for patient referrals to current community nursing hospital in the home services.