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The Belong campaign aims to showcase the benefits and opportunities throughout WA Health and increase the WA Health workforce.

This campaign was filmed in various facilities and settings and features a range of health care workers to capture the realities of WA Health’s multi-disciplinary, collaborative, dynamic working environment.

Using paid and unpaid media channels, this campaign promotes the WA lifestyle as a key driver in attracting interstate and international applications.

The campaign started in October 2021.

Campaign materials




Nursing and midwifery




Mental health



WA audience - Overarching (pdf 273KB)      WA audience - Nursing and Midwifery (pdf 268KB)

Nurse holding toddler.            Midwife with mother and baby. 


Be part of WA Health (pdf 446KB)

A nurse and two doctors smiling.


Belong - Nurse (JPG 214KB)          Belong ICU Nurse (JPG 218KB)

      Nurse checking pulse on patient in the Intensive Care Unit.

Belong - Midwife (JPG 170KB)       Belong - Occupational Therapist (JPG 277KB)

      Occupational Therapist helping patient use arm splints.

Nursing and midwifery WA           Overarching WA 
1080x1350px (GIF 58.1MB)            1080x1350px (GIF 59.1MB)



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You are encouraged to download and share these materials to help us reach our target audience and achieve our campaign objectives. Contact us if you need further information or materials in alternative formats.

The campaign is coordinated by Workforce in conjunction with the Communications Directorate.


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