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Subacute Care InterProfessional Education resource (SCIPE)

The WA Health Training Centre in Subacute Care (TRACS WA) developed the Subacute Care InterProfessional Education resource (SCIPE) in 2013 with funding made available by Health Workforce Australia.

The resource is designed for clinical supervisors working in subacute care services - rehabilitation, older adult mental health and geriatric evaluation and management. It consists of:

  • an e-learning module for students to complete prior to the placement (Introduction to Subacute Care)
  • five subacute care Modules, including teaching and self-directed learning materials, that can be delivered by a clinical supervisor from any profession in one hour face to face sessions. The modules cover:

    Patient Assessment
    Goal Setting
    Discharge Planning
    Caring for yourself
    Adding Value

Benefits of SCIPE

  • can reduce preparation time for clinical supervisors
  • can increase capacity to take more students at the same time
  • is flexible students can join or leave the program at any time
  • is free
  • can be used in all subacute settings including inpatient, outpatient, community, day therapy and home based services.

About the Resource:

Download the SCIPE Supervisors' Manual to read about the resources available
Download IP-Compass to assess whether your site is ready to deliver an interProfessional placement

Course Materials
For the Student
Complete the e-learning module then download the student materials prior to your placement
Introduction to subacute care e-learning module
Student Materials
For the Supervisor
See the supervisor's manual for guidance on how to use these materials
SCIPE Power Point Presentations
SCIPE Speaker Notes
SCIPE Student Handouts


Prior to commencing ensure you have the system requirements.

The WA Clinical Training Network and TRACS WA are unable to provide IT support for this package. If having difficulty accessing SCIPE, please access the following resources:
Students Student Trouble Shooting
Supervisors Supervisor Trouble Shooting

This project was possible due to funding made available by Health Workforce Australia.

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