Delivering a Healthy WA
Western Australian Cancer Registry

Privacy concerns

How does information get to the registry?

Doctors and pathologists are legally required to report all cancers diagnosed in Western Australia.

The patient's details are needed to ensure that accurate information is recorded for each new case of cancer, and that each new diagnosis is counted only once in the statistics.

Who has access to the information?

The confidentiality and security of all information, including paper and electronic records, is treated with the utmost priority.

Registry staff may contact doctors or hospitals regarding the information supplied.

Reports published by us are available to the public. These never include names or other identifying information about patients.

More detailed information, again containing no personal details, is available to the Department of Health, local government, health care institutions, health professionals and health researchers.

Health and medical researchers may request access to personal information in order to ask individuals if they are willing to be involved in research studies. This is only granted under strict conditions which are governed by the Department's Human Research Ethics Committee.

If you have any concerns

If you have any concerns about the functioning of the registry, please contact us. You can also contact the Office of Health Review (external link) phone +61 8 9323 0600.