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Western Australian Cancer Registry

Extent of operations

Doctors and pathologists are legally required to report all cancers diagnosed in Western Australia. We also record information received about Western Australians who were diagnosed elsewhere.

Statistics on cancer deaths in current or former Western Australian residents are recorded for analysis regardless of place of death or address at diagnosis. Our mortality statistics routinely include only deaths, in Western Australia, of persons resident in Western Australia at the time.

Information about tumours diagnosed in visitors from other states is forwarded to their relevant State or Territory cancer registry.

Rules and procedures

Prior to 1996, only invasive tumours were subject to compulsory notification. The Health (Notification of Cancer) Regulations, as amended in February 1996, formalised a requirement for notification of:

  • all tumours
  • all non-melanoma skin cancers other than basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas
  • all intracranial and central nervous system (CNS) tumours whether benign or malignant

There were also changes made to the range of additional data which may be requested from medical practitioners.

Changes to the Regulations are currently being requested to allow the provision of cancer staging information, and the notification of clinically-diagnosed tumours for which pathology tests are not performed, such as ocular melanomas.

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