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State Trauma System and Services

About state trauma system and services

In 2003, the Health Reform Commission (HRC) made recommendations about the future direction of trauma services in Western Australia (WA). These recommendations focused on hospital role delineation and networking of trauma services across the State.

As a result, the Trauma Working Group (TWG) of WA was established in 2005 to review the HRC recommendations. By 2007, the TWG published their findings and 52 state trauma initiatives in the Trauma System and Services: Report of the Trauma Working Group (PDF 664KB).

In 2008, the State Health Executive Forum endorsed the 52 initiatives proposed by the TWG. From this, the Western Australian Trauma System and Services Implementation Plan (PDF 520KB) was sanctioned in 2009, which enabled two critical elements within the WA Trauma System to be established: the State Director of Trauma position and the WA Trauma System and Services Implementation Committee.

These two components with the assistance of key stakeholders and supporting governance structures, are working to deliver the WA trauma initiatives. The outcomes will represent a significant milestone in State Health.