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Frequently asked questions – help while in hospital

What support is available to patients whilst in a smoke-free environment?

Patients are assessed for nicotine dependence when they are admitted to hospital and may be offered nicotine replacement therapy as appropriate to manage cravings and other physical effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Staff are not permitted to assist patients to leave WA Health premises to smoke.

Patients are advised talk to doctors or staff at the pre-admission clinic for more information. Patients should also discuss with their doctor the support that is available at the time of discharge and when they return home.

What about home visits?

Patients who receive care at home are not permitted to smoke in the company of WA Health staff.

What if a patient or visitor does not comply with the smoke free policy?

This should be dealt with in an educative and non-confrontational manner. If this approach fails, the matter can then be referred to relevant management or security.

What about electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes)?

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and other personal vaporisers for delivery of nicotine or other substances are not permitted to be used in any area where smoking is restricted.

How do you address the Smoke Free Policy in emergency departments when people may be agitated and the walking distance off the premises is long?

Patients should be assessed early for nicotine dependence and given appropriate intermittent nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) before they experience withdrawals. In terms of visitors, as long as they are informed of the Smoke Free Policy then they have the right to walk off site.