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Mental health – policy guidelines

The following resources have been developed to help Mental Health Services implement the Smoke Free Policy partial exemption and to help staff support those people with a mental illness to manage their withdrawal symptoms or quit smoking.

Guidelines for the partial exemption of involuntary mental health in-patients aged 18 years and over in certain circumstances from the application of certain aspects of the Smoke Free WA Health System Policy (PDF 223KB) | (Word 238KB)

WA Mental Health Smoking Assessment Clinical Tools

  • The Smoking Assessment Checklist (PDF 1.24MB) should be completed by the mental health practitioner for every patient who smokes and is admitted to a mental health service. The checklist enables the practitioner to assess and document whether an exemption has been made. This checklist should be kept with the patient’s file.
  • Nicotine Withdrawal Management Plan should be completed to manage nicotine withdrawal symptoms when a patient is unable to access a designated smoking area or is otherwise unable to smoke.
  • Cessation Plan: If a patient wishes to stop smoking, the mental health practitioner should fill out a cessation plan in consultation with the patient for the patient to keep.

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