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The Pilbara covers an area of 645,00 square kilometres, incorporating pastoral and mining communities together with coastal communities that have strong fishing and tourism industries.

The main population centres of the Pilbara include Port Hedland, Karratha and Newman, with smaller communities located at Onslow, Tom Price and Paraburdoo.

The main hospitals are situated at Karratha and Port Hedland.  Population Health (Comnmunity & Allied Health), mental health and community-based aged care services also operate from these centres.  Smaller hospitals are located at Onslow, Newman, Tom Price, Paraburdoo and Roebourne.  There are remote area nursing posts in so some  of the smaller communities including marble Bar and Nullagine.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service, several Aboriginal Community Controlled Aboriginal Health Services, The Pilbara Division of General Practise and a number of aged care service providers also make up a large part of the health service profile.

Public health services exist in the Pilbara and are based in Port Hedland.  There is also a renal dialysis satellite service in Port Hedland.  Dental services are predominantly publicly provided but with private dentists operating in Port Hedland, Karratha and Tom Price.

Many medical practitioners are employed by the State health system or Aboriginal medical services and funding in the form of Medicare payments to the north west of WA is therefore disproportionately low.  The Pilbara also has a high proportion of Aboriginal people and regional health services work closely with Aboriginal health services to develop joint initiatives.

The unique challenges to providing health services in remote areas with highly transient populations has let to an exploration of new models of service for some of the inland Pilbara towns an example being a former hospital being converted into a health centre incorporating an A&E at Wickham.

Enquiries and Processing of the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS)

Contact Details:
Karratha 1800 138 653
Newman 1800 138 470
Onslow 1300 653 231
Pannawonica 1800 138 470
Paraburdoo 1800 138 470
Port Hedland 1300 653 231
Roebourne/Wickham 1800 138 653
Tom Price 1800 138 470

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Contact Information:

Location:  Hedland Health Campus, Colebatch Way, Port Hedland WA 6722
Postal Address:  PATS Office Hedland Health Campus, PMB 12, South Hedland WA 6722
Phone:  1300 653 231
Fax:  +61 8 9158 1472
This unit last updated: 04 Apr 2013, 3:19pm

Units reporting to Pilbara :

Hospital Services

 ·  Hedland Health Campus
 ·  Marble Bar Nursing Post
 ·  Newman Hospital
 ·  Nickol Bay Hospital
 ·  Nullagine Community Health Service
 ·  Onslow Hospital
 ·  Paraburdoo Hospital
 ·  Roebourne Hospital
 ·  Tom Price Hospital
 ·  Wickham Health Centre

Aged Care Services

 ·  Karlarra House
 ·  Pilbara Community and Aged Care Services (PCACS)

Community & Public Health Services

 ·  Ashburton Community Health Service
 ·  Newman Population Health
 ·  Onslow Community Health Service
 ·  Pilbara Population Health Unit
 ·  Pilbara Public Health Unit
 ·  Roebourne Community Health
 ·  South Hedland Community Health Service
 ·  West Pilbara Community Health Service

Mental Health Services

 ·  Pilbara Mental Health and Drug Service Indicates there are units responsible to Pilbara Mental Health and Drug Service