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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service has 3 main sites:

  • Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Family Pathways
  • Family Early Intervention Program (FEIP) Lemnos Hospital.

Acute Services

Ward 4H                     

This program consists of an eight bed acute ward located at Princess Margaret Hospital in the Psychological Medicine Department. It services a range of children and adolescent conditions seeing patients and families with an age variance of 6-16 years.

The average length of stay is 4 days with acute to chronic and social conditions presenting.

Consultation Liaison

This program provides a consultation liaison service to current and continuing patients of the hospital wards and clinics.

Inpatient Consultation and Liaison Service

This service provides mental health evaluation and management services to infants, children, adolescents and, where appropriate their families, receiving primary medical care from the hospital. The team includes child psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and a mental health nurse.

 Eating Disorders Clinic (Phone: 08 9340 7012)

This specialist team provides a statewide, evidenced-based, multi-disciplinary service for children and adolescents with eating disorders. This service offers assessment, treatment and follow-up on an inpatient and outpatient basis providing individual, family and group therapies, parenting support and nutrition and medical management.

Family Early Intervention Program

The Family Early Intervention Program is staffed by a team of professionals from varying disciplines, committed to addressing the mental health needs of very young children and their families. The team takes referrals from KEMH and PMH, when infants and young children are showing signs of emotional distress following a difficult birth experience, or the need for extensive and intensive medical or surgical intervention. The FEIP team meets with all family members as part of the comprehensive psycho-dynamic assessment. The assessment strives to embrace all the complex issues that may impact upon families with young children and which can affect the child's emotional well being, behaviour and development. The clinical work that may follow assessment aims to bring understanding for all family members of the interconnectedness of experience and behaviour, and to facilitate communication and harmony within the family system.

Family Pathways

  • Statewide service providing assessment and intensive intervention with protracted, co-mordid and complex child and complex child and family mental health problems.
  • Age range: 4-12 years.
  • Family Pathways is unable to respond to urgent referrals or crisis situations.

Contact Information:

Location:  Roberts Road, Subiaco WA 6008
Postal Address:  PO Box D184, Perth WA 6840
Phone:  08 9340 8373
Fax:  08 9340 8398

Services, Facilities and Training:

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  • Training: Mental Health · Psychiatry, Aboriginal · Psychiatry, Adolescent · Psychiatry, Paediatric · Psychology

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