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Disability Services

A wide range of services is available to help people with physical and intellectual disabilities enjoy the same rights and opportunities as other community members, regardless of the nature of their disability.

The Disability Services Commission is the State Government agency responsible for policy, program development and service planning in all areas that affect the rights and needs of Western Australians with disabilities. Services include:

  • family and individual support;
  • respite support for carers;
  • accommodation and community based support;
  • therapy services;
  • post-school skills and vocational development;
  • services coordination;
  • aids and equipment; and
  • resources for creating an accessible community.

Services are provided by the Disability Services Commission or by over a hundred non-government agencies funded by the Commission.

For details and to find services in your area visit the Disability Services Commission website at .

For full contact details for the Disability Services Commission, click here.