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24 December 2009

Health warning over soy milk product

The Department of Health is advising people not to consume Bonsoy soy milk after it was found to contain very high levels of iodine.

A national recall is underway after ten people in New South Wales recently presented with thyroid problems after consuming the product.

Chief Health Officer Dr Tarun Weeramanthri said the level of iodine in the Bonsoy soy milk was likely to exceed the recommended daily intake when as little as 30ml a day was consumed by an adult.

"The levels of iodine in the body will come down when you stop drinking the soy milk," he said.

"However, anybody who has consumed this product over a period of time who feels generally unwell should make an appointment with their doctor."

Dr Weeramanthri said this brand of soy milk was the only product found to date that had been affected.

Coffee shops, retail and other outlets should also stop using this product immediately.

Further information is available on the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website:

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