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30 May 2014

GP mapped update aims to increase immunisation rates

GPs across Western Australia have been sent a mapped immunisation update from WA Health effort to increase immunisation rates across the State.

The map shows each practice's surrounding suburbs and highlights immunisation rates for 12–15 months olds in their area, and compares them to the State average.

The National Health Performance Authority's (NHPA) recent report on childhood immunisation rates in Australia showed that while rates in WA have risen, at 89.5% they still lag behind the national average of 92.5%.

Dr Paul Effler from WA Health's Communicable Disease Control, says the initiative is designed to encourage immunisation providers to 'strive for 95' and reach the goal of 95% coverage for children in their area.

"Immunisation rates in WA are rising but it's important that we continue to maintain a high level of immunisation to protect our children.

"Illnesses like measles and whooping cough can spread easily in areas of low coverage, so we need to ensure we continue to monitor rates carefully, and act when they start to dip.

"We're hoping that by raising immunisation providers' awareness about rates in their area we can inspire them to proactively promote immunisation amongst their patients and community."

WA Health will send the updates bi-annually so immunisation providers can monitor changes to rates in their area.

To learn more about immunisation and to find the WA Vaccination schedule, visit the public health website (external site)

The NHPA provides immunisation rates by area (external site) and by postcode (external site)

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