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16 January 2014

Measles warning issued for people who attended Garden City Hoyts Cinema Complex

Visitors to the Garden City Hoyts Cinema Complex in Booragoon—around midday on Wednesday 8 January—may have been exposed to measles, the Department of Health warned today.

The warning comes after a Western Australian resident was confirmed to be infected with measles following a holiday in Indonesia.

Acting Director of Communicable Disease Control Dr Paul Effler, said measles was highly contagious among people who were not fully immunised.

"Measles is highly infectious and is spread through coughing and sneezing,"Dr Effler said.

"Symptoms can include fever, tiredness, runny nose, cough and sore red eyes which usually last for several days before a red, blotchy rash appears.

"Complications can range from an ear infection and diarrhoea to pneumonia or swelling of the brain."

Dr Effler said that people aged up to 48 years who had not received two doses of measles vaccine were particularly susceptible to measles; however, those born before 1966 are usually immune because they had measles during childhood.

"The local public health units are contacting people identified to have had contact with the infected person and considered most at risk,"Dr Effler said.

"However, other people may have been exposed to the virus elsewhere in Perth such as the Garden City Complex in Booragoon and should also be alert for symptoms.

"Anyone who develops measles symptoms should seek medical attention, but it is important that they phone ahead first to ensure they don’t share the waiting area with other patients and risk infecting them."

Susceptible people who may have been exposed to measles while visiting the Hoyts Cinema at Garden City in Booragoon could expect symptoms to appear any time from now until 26th January 2014.

Dr Effler said that children should receive two doses of measles vaccine at 12 and 18 months of age.

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