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Reproductive Technology Registers

Scope of Collection

The Reproductive Technology (RT) Registers contain information about assisted reproductive technology occurring in WA. The Registers at the Department of Health have been in operation since 1993 and receive information from RT Clinics in WA. Information includes RT treatments, the participants in these treatments, their birth outcomes and the donors of human reproductive material.

Governance of Data

The Maternal and Child Health Unit (MCHU) and the Reproductive Technology Unit (RTU) manage this data collection for the WA Reproductive Technology Council. The Chief Medical Officer is the Data Steward and the Manager of the MCHU and Executive Officer of the RTU are joint Data Custodians. These roles are defined and required by the Data Stewardship and Custodianship Policy (OD-0487/14).


The WA Human Reproductive Technology Act 1991 requires that RT Clinics report information specified.

The Human Reproductive Technology Act 1991 DIRECTIONS 2004 last amended and published 30th November 2004 regulate the information to be reported by RT Clinics.

Other legislation for RT in WA is available at the WA Reproductive Technology Council website.

Data Providers

Clinics providing Reproductive Technology services in WA.

Data Collection Form

Multiple forms and data files are specified in the DIRECTIONS 2004.


The data items contained in the Reproductive Technology Registers Data Set Specifications (DSS) are to be specified in the Metadata Online Registry (METeOR) but are not yet available.

Data Submission

Deadlines for provision of data forms and data files are specified in the DIRECTIONS 2004.

Quality of Data

Cooperative processes between MCHU and reporting RT Clinics aim to ensure RT Register data quality improvement and measurement.

How to Request Data Reporting

Requests for consideration of data reporting as aggregated summary data or for record level data for research must be directed to


The Annual Report of the Western Australian Reproductive Technology Council is available to the public as a Department of Health publication.

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