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Maternal and Child Health Unit

Role of the Maternal and Child Health Unit

The Maternal and Child Health Unit (MCHU) is part of the Data Collection & Analysis – Statutory and Non-Admitted Branch of the Data Integrity Directorate of the Performance Activity & Quality Division in the Department of Health, Western Australia.

The MCHU receives, validates, stores and reports health data that is required by statute to be reported to the Executive Director, Public Health or Director General of  the WA Department of Health. These health data relate to women and children and are about Births, Abortions and Reproductive Technology.

The MCHU manages and reports data as permitted by the following Department of Health Policies.

Data Stewardship and Custodianship Policy (OD 0487/14)
The roles assignment and responsibilities required by this policy, are listed in the WA Health Information Register maintained by the Performance, Activity and Quality Division of the Department of Health.

Information Access and Disclosure Policy (OD 0539/14)
Determining permission required to approve disclosure of data is managed by the Data Custodian using this Policy.

The MCHU also assists Private Practice Midwives to meet their statutory reporting requirements.

Data Collections

Abortion Notification System
Midwives Notification System
Reproductive Technology Registers

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