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Information About Health Data  

What we collect and manage

A statewide health data collection is a database held by the Department of Health that is made up of summaries of patient information collected from all relevant health service providers.

The main statewide health data collections are:

  • Non admitted patient data collections, several databases of information about:
    • emergency department, a collection of all presentations to emergency departments at public hospitals in Western Australia (WA).
    • outpatient care, a collection of all attendances at outpatient departments at WA public hospitals, including allied health attendances.
    • community health, (in development) contains all occasions of service provided by Child and Community Health centres in Western Australia since 1997.
  • Cancer registry, a database of information about all reported instances of cancer.
  • Maternal and child health includes:
  • The Hospital morbidity data collection, a database of information about all admitted patient hospital visits. The data collection comprises: inpatient records dating back to 1970, snapshots of waitlist data dating back to 1991, and hospital information with regards to available beds, specialised services and accrediation status.
  • Mental Health Data Collections, a database of information about the use of public mental health services in Western Australia.

    For further information regarding the above data collections contact:
    Data Collection and Analysis – Inpatient and Mental Health
    Telephone: (08) 9222 2048

Other statewide collections include:

  • WA Notifiable Infectious Diseases, databases containing information about reported instances of the 62 notifiable infectious diseases.
  • Monitoring Drugs of Dependence System, a database containing information about notification of schedule 8 or schedule 9 type drug dependency.
  • Cervical Cytology Register, a database of the results of all Pap smear and cervical biopsy tests in WA women.
  • Breast Cancer Screening Registry, a database of the results of all BreastScreen WA clients.
  • Patient Electronic Referral Liaison System (PEARLS), a database of information about referrals, and treatment details used to reduce waiting times for elective surgery.